Mapping Electionland

This map shows the electoral districts in Germany, arranged by their voting behavior in the Bundestag elections 2013. The triangles indicate results over average for a specific party in a district. Their colors represent the party, whereas the size represents the relative difference to the average result of that party overall. A few smaller parties were combined into groups. The underlying data can be inspected in a Google-Doc.


We assign each party or party group a color and a circle sector.

For each electoral district, we indicate which parties achieve results over average. The size of the triangles represents the relative difference to the average.

We calculated a map with the help of an optimization algorithm (MDS). It places districts that vote in a similar way closer together.

Rollover the symbols to retrieve detailed results of the electoral districts. The menus on the top right allow filtering by party or region, and to locate individual districts by their name.